"Locker Status"

at age 17, ciennajade releases her first album, "Locker status."

the 17 year old released her first album,,"locker status," in 2009..  the 10 song album was available for download on iTunes, & other online music sites. it featured production by C.J Anderson, pj "BaddChild" thomas, Terrell Jones, X-Ray Crawford Clifton williams, and Michael "Major Keys.". the album's lyrics were all written by ciennajade, with the exception of her single, "Locker status," written by jenara Lane

though just a junior in high school at the time.,…. she still had a rebellious edge and enough lyrical talent to sing a grown woman to tears..,

 "Below me,," a song she wrote at the age of 13. about her middle school crush, was particularly a fan favorite.